Christmas memories in Portslade

Trevor Povey's memories

By Nicola Benge

Photo:Trevor Povey at the Bluebell railway in February 2008

Trevor Povey at the Bluebell railway in February 2008

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Christmas memories

Christmas Day in Portslade

We went down to me gran's (at Christmas) so we had to put different clothes on than normal'. We used to pay a penny to make a calendar at Christmas at school. On Christmas Eve, the old man would come home with a tree strapped to the side of his bike. We would all put it up on Christmas Eve and decorate. On Christmas day we would open presents, the men would go to the Portland Pub. When they came home we played billiards on the table which then we ate dinner off. The men then washed up in the kitchen. On Boxing Day, other family would come to you, you'd stuff yourself. Cinnamon in the apple pie. Then on the 27th you'd have to go back to work.

Christmas changes

There used to be a massive Christmas pudding at school. All the children would come in, have a stir and make a wish. Now you can have a Christmas dinner everyday if you want. Then we could only afford these luxuries once a year. Chicken then was a real luxury as there was no factory farming then, it was beef then that was so plentiful.

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