The sweets we loved to eat

Memories of favourite treats


We chewed: Raspberry drops, liquorice, Pontefract cakes, lemonade powder, teacakes, macaroons, sherbet dib dabs, cough candy, aniseed balls, pear drops, gobstoppers, Parma violets, lucky dip bags, treacle toffee, chewing gum, doughnuts and toffee apples.

Margaret Wooler

I loved sweets: sticks of liquorice, and lemonade powder, Pontefract cake and coconut teacakes. I used to eat sherbet dabs, cough candy, Parma violets, aniseed balls and pear drops. My uncle-in-law was put in a home when he was little. When he was about 14 or 15 he went to work at Willingdon Post Office and bakery. After he met my aunt, he used to take me most weeks to buy a Lucky Dip bag, so that he could see what was in it because he never had anything as a child.

We didn't get pocket money then. You used to get it as you went, if you ran to the shop for something you'd get a bit for sweeties. I wasn't allowed chewing gum. My favourite was Fry's Chocolate Cream. Although sweets were rationed, as was sugar, my aunt used to make toffee apples. I can always remember going to Taylor's and getting doughnuts. We used to take our Christmas cake to the baker to be baked. It was expensive to use the oven in the war, because of gas.

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