Memory canvas created at Crawley WRVS Centre

An artwork created from memories of home

By Domenico Trillo

A five week activity that took place at Crawley WRVS Centre in Spring 2010, facilitated by Artist Sarah Louise Williams. 

She decided to begin the canvas by asking individuals to think back to the living rooms of their childhoods.  She said that most people can remember at least a snippet of this special room - a space to while away the hours of the day, a space where a family comes together and, quite possibly, a space where we formulate ideas, hopes and plans about our future.

"As the group travelled back to remember this clock or that chair, a great deal of memories tumbled out of the time passage between then and now.

Once we had compiled a living space using everyone's recollections, we began to furnish the room with photographs, text and other visual representations of some of the special events and people that we had visited.  In this way, the memories became the fabric of the room.  A room that reflects that which was, what became and what continues to be.

I would like to thank all who participated for their enthusiasm and sense of adventure, not to mention hard work.  I, for one, had a great deal of fun and I hope that the room we created reflects that (at least) for everyone who enters in."

The artwork now hangs in the Main Entrance at the WRVS Centre in Crawley.

Elizabeth Masson, 17.05.10.

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