Freda Hancock's early life in West Hill, St Leonard's

Milk by the jug and discovering tea bags...

By Bridget Conneally

Born in 1924, Freda Hancock has lived in the West Hill area all her life.  Her grandfather operated a horse-drawn taxi service that her father continued, with motor-cars, after the Second World War. There were no school dinners and it was a long walk to and from West St Leonards Primary School at lunchtime each day if you only had little legs, so the youngest infants were allowed an afternoon nap in the hall, on fold-up beds, when they returned to school.


With no refrigerators at home, food had to be purchased regularly and, as there were few cars, Freda remembers the milk and groceries were either delivered by hand cart, or by horse and cart. In the first audio clip (below) Freda recalls the daily milk delivery - when each householder had to be ready with their empty jug….

Rationing during the War made it difficult to get goods, but sometimes relatives and friends abroad would send food parcels with a variety of items.  In the second audio clip, Freda describes how groceries were ordered and packaged and also remembers that one parcel from Canada contained tea bags, which they’d never seen before, so her Mother wasn’t sure what to do with them…

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Freda talks about groceries, butter and teabags

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