Early school days

A teacher's knickers and being the May Queen

By Helen Rowsell

Rod Patterson's First Teacher

Miss Howchin was my first teacher dressed all in black like a black widow. A Victorian style of dress, and a pocket in her knicker leg. We used to have to give her thruppence (three pence) a week for milk money. One time my mum didn't have any change, so she said "You'll have to get change off your teacher". When I gave it to Miss Howchin, she lifted up her skirts and reached into her knicker leg pocket for some change. I was so shocked! When I went home, my mum and gran said "did you have a good day?", and I said, No! My teacher showed me her knickers, she was really rude!

Another Teacher - My Gran hit my teacher once after he hit me and made my ear swell up.

Freda's First Teacher

Miss Owen was my first teacher at Ketley Bank School in Telford, Shropshire. She sat me down and had a slate covered in fine sand, and she showed me how to write my name. Later, I used to get hit with the ruler on the back of the hand for writing with my left hand.

Miriams' memories

I can't remember the first teacher I had. The first I remember was Mr Hardcastle who gave me the cane.

Photo:Nancy as May Queen 1930

Nancy as May Queen 1930

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

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