'Experiments to make different colours in the soaps...'

Elizabeth Court Reminisce About Their Favourite Jobs

By Lu Pearson

Photo: Illustrative image for the ''Experiments to make different colours in the soaps...'' page

Photo from the WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo: Illustrative image for the ''Experiments to make different colours in the soaps...'' page

Photo from the WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

The members of the group discuss their memories of employment. 

'I worked at Smarts in Shoreham, carrying 140 pound bags of flour up and down ladders, stacking the flour in the bakery.  I worked there for just over a year. Then worked as a driver going up to London 2-3 times a week, I liked that, not being in the same place all the time. Worst job was in a blacksmiths, making pokers.  One day I was trying to be a bit clever while carrying this 6 foot angle iron and I tripped over and had to go to hospital. It was very hot work'.


'I've had so many jobs, my favourite was working at the Rothbury cinema. I would be selling the tickets and sweets, I would also go in the cinema with the torch selling ice-creams. I used to really enjoy the Saturday afternoon matinee with all the local children coming in.'


'I worked for Boots the chemist, on the cosmetic counter.  We'd have the auditing companies coming in with their reps. and we'd each take turns, with the reps. making up our faces. I would just wash it all off when I got home, I thought I must have looked a right site. I stayed working with Boots for a long time moving around the country, but ended up in Bristol to be near my in-laws'.


'My favourite job was being the school caretaker at Stanley Decent, over in Whitehawk.  It was hard work and sometimes being called out at night. I got on really well with the kids and was there for 10 to 12 years. When my daughter got married we were allowed to use the hall. Sometimes I would walk to work from Craven Vale in the snow to find schools closed. When I left the Deputy Head would visit me and I still see pupils around the town and I still say hello. I loved it, I really loved it.  It's about 23 years ago now'.


'I only had three jobs, the job that I had for 20 years was in Bewberry's in Hove. Making soap, bath salts and all sort of smelly things. I would do experiments to make different colours in the soaps'.


'I had four jobs, my first job from school I had to give up at about 15 or 16 years old because of my epilepsy, so I had three years of not working. Then the doctor said I could return to light work, and I got myself a job tailoring ladies clothes and costumes. While I was there I made a navy suit for a wedding. That company moved to London, and I got a job with Finns cleaning curtains. I was there 13 years deep cleaning uniforms and mending them.  I worked there until I was 70'.


The Elizabeth Court Reminiscence sessions were facilitated by WRVS volunteers Rod Patterson and Lyn Strong.

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