Schools reminiscence activities - Winter 2007

Elizabeth Court sheltered home residents remember their schooldays

By Nicola Benge

Photo:Talking about school days

Talking about school days

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Did you pass the eleven plus?

Did you pass the eleven plus?

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Tom tells all!

Tom tells all!

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:13 times table anyone?

13 times table anyone?

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

We don't need no edukashun

This was a set of reminiscence activities run in the winter of 2007/8 by tireless WRVS volunteers Rod Patterson and Lyn Strong who turned an empty sheltered housing lounge into a vibrant and fun filled place full of laughing people. The group now continues on a weekly basis every Wednesday with quizzes and activities and the number of participants grow, making this a very successful WRVS heritage plus activity.

First Day:

"I remember my first day at school very well, I sat at a very low table and there was a sand tray and we had cardboard cards for chalking on. I sat with a boy from my street called Ken and we were friends through school. My teacher was Miss Phillips. I remember a plant that some steps that playtime (was the teacher's pride and joy) but I picked up and threw it across the playground.
Auntie Alice (mother's sister) with buying an ice cream on the way home. I didn't like going to school I was very proud of being called a big boy now that I was going to school'

I think I was considered a little 'orror' at school. I could still name all the children in my class I had a little soft spots to Jane and I decided to sit with her but was marched back to my seat by Sir."

Pat:          (approx. 1930s)
" I went to boarding school with my sister many schools in Australia has been closed for two years because of infections I must have been about 6 1/2 or seven remember talking to the prefects ask me questions I name my hobbies and things like that I remember very clearly doing a little dance.
I remember crying lots among parents had to leave and enjoys having my parents come to visit at weekends I was there for many years"

Joyce:      (approx. 1927)
"It was my grandmother that took me to the local school I remember very well sitting on the table which broke on domain I remember very stern person telling me to get up and felt very embarrassed. I just remember there seem to be a mass of children I was excited to get among people, just like now I enjoy meeting people."

Dorothy:  (approx. 1910)
"I went to the village school in Weststone Leicestershire my mother took me to school on the first morning and we went out to play in the playground I was pleased I got to wear a pretty dress on the first day but after that I had to wear school uniform."

Margaret: (approx.1935)
"I don't remember much about my first school only that it was called Knoll Infant School in Hove and I didn't want to go"

Tom:        (1930s)
"I went to one school from start to finish, I remember running away from school across the fields and onto the bus and the busking doctor took me back to school, could you imagine that. I remember the boots we had to wear with studs on them."

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