Uncle Hubert

Greta's memories of a lovely uncle

By Susan Adey

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Uncle Harry

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Uncle Hubert was my lovely Uncle - rotund, modest and a reliable figure in my life near the end of the war.When I was evacuated to his home for 5 years, it was his wife who looked after us for most of these years as he was stationed in Aden in the Gulf.

More tea vicar

He wrote us all interesting airmail letters with photos - so we knew what he looked like.  Imagine the excitement when he was due to come back home and be stationed in nearby Blackpool.We came back home and there was this figure, laughing and drinking tea, with the local vicar, cup in hand, taking in every word.

Trinkets from the East

When the vicar left, it was our time to listen to his stories and received lovely little presents which were filigree bracelets, handmade by the Arabs. Piles of memorabilia on the floor were elaborate sabres, Arab style mementoes and a a massive, hand carved oak chest - how did he get it home!  It was an Aladdin's cave till bedtime. My auntie would be glad to spend an evening with him after all the activity.

Picnic party

Uncle Hubert was a father-figure for a while.  We all went out in an old Morris car with rugs and picnics and had to all help push the car up the steep hills of the Lake District lanes. The picnic was a grand affair - rugs and baskets were humped over gates and into the field and the spread laid out.  It included home-made goodies, such as Auntie's homemade pasties and the pleasure of the picnic was the happy chatter of all the family.

Happy memories

Sadly uncle lost his wife in their later years but he continued to be an active granddad and father to all his family and now he has left us - we all have loving memories of him.

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