Jack Woodhouse

My Ships in the Navy

By David Taft

Photo:Jack as a young man

Jack as a young man

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Jack woodhouse in May 2008

Jack woodhouse in May 2008

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Molly Woodhouse in May 2008

Molly Woodhouse in May 2008

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Jacks first ship H.M.S. Revenge

Jacks first ship H.M.S. Revenge

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Jack & Molly Woodhouse.
Jacks service record.

I joined the navy in October 1946 as 2nd class Stoker and was demobbed April 1954 as P.O.S.M. (Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic)

H.M.S. St George - Shore Base - Joined Royal Navy Oct. 1946

At Gosport for eight week course

Ships served on:

H.M.S. Revenge - Battleship - 1947

Joined for stokers course

H.M.S. Maidstone - Submarine Depot Ship -  May 1947

Took part in Royal Fleet Review Gourock Scotland

H.M.S. Peacock - Frigate -  Nov 1947 to Feb 1950

Stationed at Malta (Med Fleet) Showing the Flag visit to many Med Islands, Cyprus, Crete, Sardinia, also Trieste, Venice, French Riviera. There were also many trips to Red Sea Ports which meant lots of passages through Suez Canal.

Portsmouth Barracks                Feb 1950 to Jan 1951

H.M.S Wakeful - Destroyer -  Jan 1951 to Late 1951

Part of the Scottish Flotila

H.M.S. Greenville - Destroyer -  1951

Part of the Home Fleet. Alas the commission did not last very long as we were involved in a collision at sea with the loss of eight lives. We had to steam on with one propeller from Channel Isles to Devonport with a hole in ships side. We paid off there.

H.M.S. Starling - Frigate - August 1951

Local Flotilla Portsmouth.

H.M.S. Vanguard -Battleship -  1953 to Jan 1954

The Vanguard was the Flag ship of the home fleet. She was the main ship at the Spithead Revue to commemorate the Queens Coronation. We had the honour of hosting Her Majesty and Prince Phillip on board. The only sad part of the revue was the very bad weather which washed a lot of the fire works and celebrations out

April 1954 Demobbed

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