Meg's war

Eastbourne in the Blitz

By Nicola Benge

Photo:Meg at Eastbourne WRVS centre

Meg at Eastbourne WRVS centre

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus archive

Eastbourne in the War

I was born in Eastbourne. My parents and in-laws are all from Eastbourne. I was born in '31. I was nearly 8 when the war started, but I wasn't evacuated. My dad worked in Bexhill, the trains he was on were bombed often. I went to Christ Church school, where we had rush mats to sleep on in the day. Then I went to school in Redoubt Road. This is where the tank is now. Here we used to have to go to the Redoubt Fortress during air raids, and had to learn to be quiet. The teacher taught us sign language.

No more skool!

The school was bombed so I didn't go to school for about a year, then everybody was evacuated, so no school anyway. Before then, London children came to Eastbourne. They would go to school in the morning and we would go in the afternoon. During the war Eastbourne was like a ghost town. There were only about 250 families left in town. You had to have a permit to come in or leave the town as it as a garrison town due to worries of invasion.

Back to School

It was safer at the Mead's school under Dawes Hill in Evesfield Road. I took the 11 plus there and passed, but we couldn't have afforded the uniforms so I left and went to Bedewell School til I was 14, then got a job in a solicitor's office typing up shorthand.

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