Courtship chatter

Remembering how we met

By Nicola Benge

Photo:Nancy and Wally Kersey and friends- double dating!

Nancy and Wally Kersey and friends- double dating!

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus archive

Photo:Home on leave

Home on leave

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus archive

Quotes from Courtship sessions

Cinema back seat

Vera: 'I used to sit there and watch the films to the end'... when the bombing raids were on.

Hiding out in the air raid shelter

'I had loads of boyfriends. We used to go to the air raid shelter at the bottom of the garden. We didn't get found out because everyone else was indoors during the raids!'

Rod: 'I didn't go dancing - too shy for that! Rather watch the planes fighting overhead'

Out for a walk

'My best friend's sister asked me out for a walk when I was 15 or 16. I thought oh, I don't know if that's the done thing. I wanted to marry her when I was 16'.

Picking primroses

Nancy : 'I cycled home with my friend Pat after picking primroses. We went via the Cliftonville arms to see who was there... that is to see if Wally was there. Cheeky bugger was going with another girl. So he said, "I'll take her home, then come back and get you!'

Tea Dance at the Regent Dance Hall

Wally: 'Going up the Regent Dance Hall for a tea dance, where Boots is now. I asked a young lady to dance and as we were walking onto the floor I said, I'm not much good at dancing, she said "Well, not much point in dancing with you then". She turned around and walked off!'

'Where there women all stood in the dance hall was known as the cattle market'.

Sathi: 'We weren't allowed to go out dancing. We used to go in a group to the cinema. We knew our boundaries'.

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