Remembrance and Remembering

By Esther Gill

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Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Remembrance and Remembering' page

Remembrance and Remembering

I remember in the 1930s that the Poppy Day was only on the 11th November. At school we had to walk past the memorial to old school members who died in the first war. The poppies were only on sale for the one-day. Our teachers wore their medals.

You can talk about it [the Blitz]...... but there's nothing much you can say. Without funny incidents life would have been empty. Just worry, worry, worry.

We got on well with them after the War [German POWs]. They shared the food with us, we wondered what it was all about. Maurice

They were well-vetted, you didn't get any SS, but the old fashioned German Army boys were no different from us. Jim

There were dozens of incidents when in North Africa and Italy which are difficult to remember. Some you don't want to. Comradeship was terrific for those five years. I would like to meet some of my old friends, but it would be difficult as most of them would have been a lot older than me. But the memories stay. I should like to add that a lot of the civilians were very good to us, especially in Italy. Bob

There are so many incidents that I cannot remember, some I don't want to remember. Bob

I'm grateful I got through the War with my skin in one piece. I am also grateful my two brothers came back. I am very pleased each year to be able to put a few pounds in the poppy box. And we must remember the young soldiers coming back who are wounded and need our support and nursing care.

Really, a veteran is an elderly person - not necessarily been a member of the Forces. A veteran is a sign of age..... a badge of honour.....a veteran of life. John

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