The Leather Jacket...The Motorbike...The Shorts?

Trevor's Sartorial Faux Pas

By Peter J Stoker

Photo:Trevor in the comfort of the Bluebell railway

Trevor in the comfort of the Bluebell railway

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Trevor Povey says 'When I went out, I always wore jumpers and sweaters, stripy jumpers, a t-shirt or stripy shirt and tuned up on my motorbike. My going out clobber was no different from my day gear. I had lime green socks, winkle pickers, and a duffle coat in the '60's. 19 bob it cost - a whole lot of money, I spent a lot of time in a leather jacket, they didn't cost so much then. I did a swap with a mate for it. I used to borrow his leather jacket for months at a time.  I remember I had to wear shorts on a date as I had nothing else to wear. Her old man ribbed me senseless!'

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