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Jenny's Favourite Things

By Gina Da Cunha



Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Lucky and Lady

Lucky and Lady

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Favourite Film:          

Grease, Snow White and Cats

Favourite Colour:       

Green and Blue

Favourite Holiday:   

Devon and Cornwall

Favourite Pets:         


Favourite Carol:      

Jingle Bells

Favourite Hobby:    


Jenny's Poem:


I have two little cats, they run and jump around
They love to chase their coloured ball,
As it rolls along the ground.
They love to play so many games,
Lady and Lucky are their names.
They are black and white and a wonderful sight
My friends forever more.

Both wander to the garden, dashing here and there
They will never stray, they love to stay and play.
The pleasant open garden air, the lovely light of day
Wet from all the showers,
They even eat the garden flowers,
These friendly lovely pussy cats,
Sitting on the welcome mats
My friends forever more.

In the sessions:

Jenny loves Cats. Jenny has two cats called Lucky and Lady, they are both black and white.Her eyes light up when she talks about her family and Lady and Lucky her cats.  I said we would put all her words into a poem. "The idea is very nice," she said. "I do like arty things and Drama." She goes home to the family every evening to her cats Lady and Lucky.

Jenny goes on holiday with her Mum Dad and her Brother- she talked about the holidays she has had. She loves the sandy beaches at the seaside and has been to Sandown. She also loves Devon.

Jenny took her time looking at all the coloured swatches, chose Inky Pool 2 - green/blue. She liked the Rainbow idea. "Do you think we could take it back to our Outreach centre," she asked. "That's a great idea," said Gill. Jenny painted very happily.

Jenny enjoyed making Christmas Cards. Decorating them was fun for her, she choose different Christmas themes for each person. You could see she was having great fun. "Arts and crafts are definitely up your street," said Gina.

"I loved making the cards and would be very happy to do more." She told us today that her Brother is called David and she made a card for him. She loves going to her drama class they are doing Beauty and the Beast.

Jenny was on holiday with her family in Devon.
Jenny is back from her trip and she enjoyed herself. She went with her family. Her neighbours looked after the two cats.
She likes a boy called Tom and has made him a Christmas card this week.

Jenny is a lovely girl who is very lucky to have a devoted family to help her. Lisa, who picked up the group said, "they absolutely love coming here."

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