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Margaret's Favourite Things

By Gina Da Cunha

Photo:Margaret and Gillian

Margaret and Gillian

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Bobby the 'piggy' cat

Bobby the 'piggy' cat

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Favourite Film:            

Summer Holiday

Favourite Colour:        

Gold Bark

Favourite Holiday:      

Isle of Wight

Favourite Pets:          


Favourite Carol:         

Silent Night

Favourite Hobby:       

Likes helping people

Margaret's Poem:



I have a cat called Bobby;
he's a very special friend,
He's black and white and furry
And I love him end to end
He wiggles his long whiskers
and purrs so loud for me,
He's waiting in the garden,
for me to come for tea.
He eats his food then scampers,
To the fridge for more,
Bobby you are piggy cat,
As he's banging on the door,
He seems to know when I am sad,
he'll hurry to my side.
Bobby is a special cat,
in whom I can confide.

In our sessions:

Margaret has a cat called Bobby.

Margaret's is going to be fifty tomorrow and is having a party at the weekend. This was all organised by her Mother, although sadly her Mother had died in early September.
Gill suggested stopping in the middle of the party to give thanks to her Mother. Margaret said she would write this in her diary.

Margaret enjoyed the film Madagasgar.
We had a good talk about her cat Bobby and said we would make up a poem using her words. Margaret liked her new print of Bobby the cat, which we had scanned in to go with her poem.

At her birthday party, Margaret said a blessing for her Mother. This week she has been feeling very sad. She had a very nice 50th party in a hotel, lots of dancing and the food was excellent. Mary and Barbara were there and really enjoyed themselves too.

Gill and Margaret took some time out during the film, to talk about the lows that come after a great high such as her Birthday, and the grief of having lost her Mother at the end of September.

Margaret chose Golden Bark 4 - yellow/orange to go on the rainbow.

Margaret's favourite colour was blue and she enjoyed the painting and talked about the pink colours she had chosen for decorating her room.

Margaret's favourite film is Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday.

Went to Butlins had a great time

She thanked us for Thursdays and said she had enjoyed herself and it was nice to have someone to talk too.

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