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Barbara's Favourite Things

By Gina Da Cunha

Photo:Barbara and Gillian

Barbara and Gillian

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:My Mum with Smudge

My Mum with Smudge

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Favourite Film:

Mary Poppins

Favourite Colour:


Favourite Holiday:

Trip to the Countryside

Favourite Pets:

Smudge the Dog

Favourite Carol:

Away in a Manger

Favourite Hobby:

Talking one to one

Barbara's Poem:

Our Dog called Smudge

We have this special spaniel dog,
He loves to walk and jog
We call him Smudge, he likes his name.
Playing ball is his favourite game
He will often bark when he's not sure,
Especially if strangers come knocking at the door.
The garden's where he likes to play, he runs and jumps about,
Mummy said, "Look at his coat, its bath time, I've no doubt."
To us he is so special, a friend forever more.
A brown and white, fluffy friend, someone we all adore

In the sessions

Barbara loves the family dog called Smudge she loves to brush him and help with his bath.
He is a cavalier spaniel. "He barks too much. And he likes walks."We listened to all she said about Smudge then made up a poem, for her to keep.

We scanned and re-printed photos of smudge the dog and she took the picture home for her Mother.

Barbara chose Martian Skies Blue for her colour of the rainbow. She was very happy to do her bit for the rainbow. With Gina's help she made a good job of it.

Barbara has had her hair cut, it does look nice. "The dog had his done too" Said Barbara

Barbara has really enjoyed making the Christmas Cards and decided what to write inside them. She wants to make more .Gill said of course she could next week...

Barbara decided to make a get well soon card for her Dad
She needs support holding the pen. Barbara wrote get well soon Daddy with love from Barbara.

Barbara loves the carol Away in a Manger. Everyone said it was a good choice.

Barbara was overjoyed with the poem about Smudge the dog, she told us about six times how lovely she thought it was, and she would put it on her wall.

"Thank you very much Gill, thank you very much Gina, you are lovely ladies, thanks for the presents and for the picture of Smudge"

She was so very happy with the picture of Smudge and Mummy, which we scanned in and were able to produce for her alongside the poem.
Also the Christmas card she made, had her own words, written very nicely into them and she was very happy with the words she chose.
Barbara does not have much use in her hands, but is only too happy to be part of the writing and sticking process, by sharing hold of a pen or paintbrush. However, she did manage her painting on the rainbow all by herself.

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