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Mary's Favourite Things

By Gina Da Cunha

Photo:Mary and Gillian

Mary and Gillian

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:A 'red' cat

A 'red' cat

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Favourite Film:       


Favourite Colour:  

Emporium Rose

Favourite Holiday: 

Beach holidays

Favourite Pets:      


Favourite Carol:    

We Three Kings

Favourite Hobby:    

Watching films

Mary's Poem:


I have a lovely cat called Tom,
He's my friend forever more
He is a red cat, don't you know
He keeps me happy when I am low.
He jumps up on the sofa,
Then pounces to the floor.
He follows to the kitchen, when I go off to eat,
I sit to watch the TV; he curls up by my feet.
The garden's where we like to go,
To listen to the radio.
I sing, he purr's, we like the noise,
Tom also likes to play with toys.

In our session:

Mary absolutely loves Annie the Movie. She loves singing the songs. All musicals appeal to her and she knows the words to many things - we remember when she recited the latin spells from 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks,' wow! She can communicate very well with song.

Touch is very important to Mary and she read the inside cover of the DVD boxes many times.

Gill treated Mary this week with Annie her favourite film. She sang all the words to all the songs. There was a lot of laughter during this film, especially at drunkard Mrs Hannigan. The film was enjoyed by most.

She is going to Margaret's party and plans to 'dance and dance and dance and dance and sing' - to be precise.

Mary talked about going bowling during the week.  She has a red cat (ginger cat) called Tom. We made a poem for her, using her words.

Mary sang 'I like to move it move it' from Madagascar. She enjoyed the movie very much.

She requested the Beatles 'Love Love Me Do' many times, we played it twice and she sang and danced; this seems to be her theme song. Gill Margaret and Harold joined in the dancing we all had quite a laugh.

Mary said, "Gill, Gill, Gill, Gill, Gill, I like Cats," and also likes to talk about 'Newcroft' which is the home that she lives at.

One of the group's activities is going to be designing a rainbow of each one's favourite colours with their names on it. These were selected from colour swatches from B&Q. Mary chose Emporium Rose 2 - pink/lilac. She will be painting our rainbow in an activity with Gina

We spoke about telling the time, and knowing the day and date. We all decided to make a calendar which each would design themselves. Then, if they wished to they could hang it on their wall. Gill discussed using the calendar to make notes of the coming week - as a reminder.

"She's a very sweet girl actually," says Gill about Mary.
Mary spoke about a visit to Brighton, and a visit to the pier.

"What film is next," Mary asked. "Finding Nemo, Jenny picked this film and she hopes you all like it," said Gill.

"I had a good week Gill, good week Gill," she was in a happy mood. She bought her Mum a Winnie the Pooh birthday card, her Mother's name is Caroline.

Mary has picked the carol, We Three Kings, as her favourite. We will have carol singing on our early Christmas Party.
She wants to go Christmas shopping.

Mary was happy with all the things she had achieved in the ten weeks and was so glad to see them in a bag with her name on it.

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