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Lorna's Favourite Things

By Gina Da Cunha

Photo:Lorna and Gillian

Lorna and Gillian

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:Could this be Jack the Parrot?

Could this be Jack the Parrot?

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Favourite Film:

Calamity Jane / Annie get your gun.

Favourite Colour:

Bright dark Orange

Favourite Holiday:

Trip to the Isle of Wight.

Favourite Pets:

Parrot and goldfish

Favourite Carol:

Ding Dong Merrily on High.

Favourite Hobby:


Lorna's Poem 

Squawk Squawk

There was a friendly parrot called Jack,
Who talked and talked how he could yak.
It wasn't just your usually chat
Not just pretty boy in fact,
He let you know he had a lot to say
Like saw your knickers and O my lord we pray.
He was green with other colours too,
Everyone liked him, so would you?
We were sad when Jack faded away,
But we won't forget what he used to say

In our sessions:

Lorna talked about a parrot called Jack, it was the pet at a home where she used to live. After talking about the pet parrot, we constructed a poem based on her observations of him. Then printed and laminated it, to display if she wished. "I liked the finish result very much and the parrot looked like Jack too," she said.

We decided to relax at the end of each session, by watching a film, splitting it over two weeks.  After the first film we watched, Lorna stated, "Madagasgar the Movie, I liked that, it was funny." We asked the group to choose next weeks film.

Lorna has booked a holiday to the Isle of Wight, she is very excited about it.

She has had her hair braided again, this took six hours. Lorna was happy, as she had a great week - at bowling, she won for the first time ever.

Gill talked about saying something, if for example, the tea was too milky or not sweet enough. Gill asked Lorna to mention her likes and dislikes. The following week Lorna asked for coffee and stated "not too strong" and was congratulated.

She painted her strong orange colour very neatly, the rainbow was going well and Gina praised her work.

Lorna went shopping and got two tops and a pair of pyjamas for her holiday. Gill asked what colour she had picked. "One green, the other red." "The pyjamas?" "Spotted," she said, then  Lorna laughed, "I liked them." After shopping she had a lovely soak in the bath, and then went to MacDonald's for tea.

Lorna was in good humour, talked about the Halloween party at the weekend. Actually, the firework night was a bit too noisy for her, but she enjoyed the colours.

She still has a few bits to buy before her holiday and is hoping that her key worker will take her out this weekend.
She enjoys coming to the group and she likes chatting.

Lorna's getting the last bits of shopping for her holiday, including two new books. She will do her packing this weekend.

Lorna has returned from her trip away, she said, "it rained, and rained and rained even more." On holiday she went line dancing, also to a quiz in a pub and went to a pantomime where she saw Barry Manilow. The following day she went horseracing and won £9, then to bingo winning £90. "I will have extra money for Christmas," she said. When she arrived home, her two sisters came to visit her.

We had a bit of an early Christmas Party and sang the carols that were our favourites.We chatted about the ten weeks. We all enjoyed each others company.

Lorna said, "that was fun, I liked coming."

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