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Harold's Favourite Things

By Gina Da Cunha

Photo:Harold and Gillian

Harold and Gillian

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo:A brown horse 'of course'

A brown horse 'of course'


Favourite Film:         

James Bond 007

Favourite Colour:      

Fragrant Cloud

Favourite Holiday:   


Favourite Pets:         

Brown Horses

Favourite Carol:        

Good King Wenceslas

Favourite Hobby:      

Meeting people

Harold's Poem

If I had a Pet

Ah! But,

If I had a dog I'd call it Patch, I'd also like a cat to match.
Both black and white, a beautiful sight, this would be a real delight.

Ah! But,

If I had a pond with lots of fish,
Maybe a frog.
I'd do, without the cat and dog.

Ah! But,

I'd like a parrot that would squawk, even better, if he could talk.

Ah! But,

I would like a fluffy bunny it would not cost, too much money,
Maybe a mouse. He'd eat me out of home and house.

Ah! But,

I'd like to have grizzly bear, but I don't think they like to share,
I think, I'd like to choose a horse, its colour would be brown, of course.

Ah! But,

In the sessions 

Harold likes James Bond.

Harold doesn't speak very much; Gill was greatly assisted by John's use of Makaton which provided addition communication. He loved the film Madagasgar. He laughed out loudly; he was making a lot of noises in reaction to it and communicating well in the group.

Harold was very happy looking at the picture of the cats. One cat picture he took home scrunched up in his pocket. His favourite cats are white.

Harold chose Fragrant Cloud 6 - light grey/lavender

Harold had a good propensity for happiness and laughter, and it is great to see him smile and shouted out JAMES BOND 007
Speaking a bit - still not clear, but he did say 'thank you' and 'goodbye'. He paints with gusto.

Harold said 'I like it I like it' as part of the evaluation.
He was full of happy expressive faces and enjoyed the arts and crafts.

Harold showed Gill his pictures of Daphne his sister who calls today at five - he tells us this by showing his watch and John lets us know at what time she calls.
He had a very happy face to share his photos initially, then gets possessive and wants his pictures back - just wanted to show Gill actually not everyone. There is a picture of his nephew possibly with a birthday cake and a big black cat is there in the picture.

If Harold has been to church he puts his hands together in prayer and points to Margaret who also goes to church.

When speaking about pets and favourite animals Harold makes it clear to John he likes horses best, brown horses. Also he likes cats and dogs fishes and frogs. He does like rabbits when they are jumping around. "This will make an interesting poem" Gill said.

Harold really enjoyed making the cards. Everyone made a fuss of him as he did a lovely job of it. He really liked sparkles and sticking on the stars. He had a really nice time and stayed in a good frame of mind.

Harold said he is alright and likes coming on Thursdays he enjoys himself.

Good king Wenceslas is his favourite carol.

Harold enjoyed the party, when he left he gave Gill a lovely kiss on the cheek.  Harold loved taking all his work home.

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