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By Gina Da Cunha

Photo:Joyce brought in  trike to show us

Joyce brought in trike to show us

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Games We Played' page

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

We couldn't get enough of:

Dominos, Ludo, snakes and ladders, Sevens, Aligobs - jacks, beat our neighbours, spinning tops, hopscotch, Glarnis - (the Scottish word for marbles) - along the gutters in the streets, solitaire with marbles, sticks, flying kites, iron hoop and wooden stick, bat and ball games, softball games including shove ball, bouncing balls was also popular, bouncing two tennis balls off a wall, football, hockey, bulldog.

We played:

Charades of films and film stars, Bagatelle, jigsaws, shove ha'penny and other penny and ha'penny games, boats, peashooters, catapults, cigarette cards, wins and swaps.

Card games :

Chase the ace, snap, old maid (pairs with one missing at the end, the last person is stuck with the old maid), knock out whist, snap, and happy families.

Books and comics :

The Beano and the Dandy, Wizard, Roy of the Rovers, Billy Bunter, Eagle, Hotspur, Magnet, Gem, Funny Wonder, Chips.

We tried our hand at:

Swinging on a rope tied to the lamp-post - there was an arm along the lamp-post that the workers would lean their ladders up against and this was perfect for tying your rope to. Knock down ginger - knock a door and run away, there was no T.V. so we listened to the radio, riding a tin scooter and bike, toteopoly - horse racing game, monopoly.

We played the:

Wooden whistle, xylophone, harmonica, penny whistle, kazoo, ukulele, banjo, a comb and a piece of tracing paper.


Draughts, chess, hopscotch, tin can copper, whips and tops, conkers, cigarette cards, three-wheeler bike, tin can copper, walking sticks and roller skates, skipping, dancing, rounders, stoolball, football, cricket, hockey on the A23, yoyos, diablo, making flowers out of paper - and selling them, making your own decorations, German Doll, handstands, cartwheels, pat-a-cake, ring a ring a roses, doggy stick.

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