Dolly Broadbridge

The last of ten children

By Gina Da Cunha

Dolly Broadbridge remembers Crawley in the 1950s

'My husband worked for Mountjoy's, a small butcher. He was offered a 'New Town' transfer and we looked at different options, but chose Crawley, as it was near the sea for the kids. '

Where it all began...

Dolly (Doris) was born in Peckham in London. She is 79.

'I was born in 1928, the last of ten children. There were five children ahead of me, then four more. Six girls, four boys. There was a five-year gap between the sisters and the brothers, it was like two families. My eldest sibling was much older and one died of meningitis age 11 months.'

Mater and Pater

'We lived on Holbeck Road in Peckham, my grandmother lived in Peckham too. My Mum worked cleaning doorsteps and taking in washing at night. My Dad worked on the railways: checking for cracks on the wheels (he was a wheeltapper). Dad used to wash our hair and bath us, mend our shoes and cut our hair.'

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Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

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