From Liquorice Sticks to Buzz Bars

Our Childhood Sweets

By Peter J Stoker

We loved...

Liquorice Sticks, lollipops, thin toffee strips, hard slabs of toffee with a hammer, bars of chocolate, 6d (sixpence) Dairy Milk, Milk Tray (six sweets stuck together in a bar).

We longed for...

Tiger nuts (though we don't seem to like them anymore! 'Too tough'), sherbet dabs, gobstoppers, a 'pen'orth' of sweets, soft mints, hard mints, jelly babies, hard nougat, liquorice allsorts, coconut ice, boiled sweets, pear drops, cough candy, humbugs.

We craved...

Sweets in a jar - measured out, Navy sweets, Fisherman's Friends, sweet cigarettes, toffee apples, pink candy floss, seaside rock, bull's-eyes, Gollibar, chocolate kiss, machines with coloured gobstoppers inside, sweet tobacco, acid drops, dried-up hard raisins, Kendal mint cake, Jacko, Buzz bar.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'From Liquorice Sticks to Buzz Bars' page

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

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