Anne remembers her childhood in York

Childhood memories from the 40s

Photo:Enjoying a reminscence session at Somerset Point

Enjoying a reminscence session at Somerset Point

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

I was born just outside York.  My father came back from the war when I was seven.  I lived with my Mum and brother, we were happy in our little village.  I collected milk when I went up to the farm, we never had a fridge.  We'd pick blackberries, my Mum liked baking but she wasn't very good.  In the village we could drink water from the stream.  I loved it.

When Dad came back then we got a council house. Dad worked at Rowntrees and brought the mis-shapes home. I went into the RAF when I was seventeen.

I remember one day, in the village, someone brought some oranges, the ones you use to make marmalade.  A boy took my one and my brother fought him for it. "I don't want it." I said, "They'e bitter, horrible".

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