Marion remembers being a young mum

Muddling through



Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Mothering skills

You learnt as you went along, if you had one every year you learnt by experience. I had nine kids. Children shared the bath water and helped each other. I did the washing every day and used a clothes prop. Nappies froze on the line. The house was always full of children and washing. We used to use a whole packet of cornflakes and toast in the morning. A large proportion of the household budget went on food. Stews were the easiest and cheapest, kids were not allowed to be fussy. I used to sit and cry about how difficult life was. We never went out, there was too many of us, we couldn't afford it.

Changes in parenting

Now my grandchildren find me too strict. You needed to control the kids, if they misbehaved they had a smack. Advice to a new Mum now? - difficult in present conditions, you have to be hard. My husband did not do much with the kids, he was very much the breadwinner. He was the soft one, he never smacked the children.

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