Kitty remembers dancing, the old cinemas and the Hippodrome

Saturday night at the movies

Photo:Chats and cuppas

Chats and cuppas

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Boogie woogie

I danced at the Hippodrome, Regent and Sherrys in Brighton. We used to go on a Saturday, the same crowd of us went everywhere. We used to walk and had more fun going there and coming back than we did at the dance.


If you were seen going in the Duke of Yorks you were one of the low end, you'd drop your knickers for anyone. There used to be queues of men round the block waiting to get in.

My favourite

The Hippodrome was beautiful, the best of all of them, it's not the same since they turned it into a Bingo hall. The Hippodrome was all shows, Max Miller, Lonnie Donegan. My daughter danced to Lonnie Donegan. The first time I ever came to Brighton it was on the back of a motor bike, long before we had a car. You didn't pay to go on the West Pier, there was a theatre on the end and a nice restaurant.


I never liked the cinema. I couldn't stand being closed in, I was frightened and the sailors used to come in.

I have only seen 4 films in all my life, musical ones at the Astoria before it all got changed. I remember seeing The Sound of Music and the King and I.

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