Joan remembers working in the hospital

Life on the wards: from a Brighton reminiscence workshop January 2008

By Joan S

Photo:Remembering the wards

Remembering the wards

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

I was a domestic when I first started at the hospital, it was only just before the NHS. We were half private and half NHS.

On bended knee

Our training was very strict. The polish was so thick on the floors when we started, we had to scrape it off with a knife and start again.


We trained at the Polytechnic every week, they were so strict. We used a lot of bleach. We never slipped on the floors because we used special non-slip stuff. You had to do under the beds every week, nurses used to do more then, but towards the end of my job they did less. They didn't make the beds if they could help it.

I was there for 21 years. The girls said we'll give you some white gloves so you can check for dust. Taking the bleach off the wards was the worst thing they done.

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