Kitty remembers rationing

In short supply in Brighton

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fuel coupons

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Different strokes for different folks

There were different coupons for different items, you had to prove your identity to get your coupons. Children had green ration books. You had to apply for your coupons a week in advance. Foreign soldiers would be generous with gifts and we used them to barter. Sailors brought in chocolate, but it tasted more like cocoa.

Black market petrol

There was fuel rationing in 1946/47, petrol coupons were allotted per car. You could get more if you were in with the garage and we had the garage!  A lot of bartering went on and there was a black market. There was  a lot of fiddling of the system.

Some professions were given more coupons than others, which were administered by the council. My husband had two cars, we kept the coupons after the war, there was a big shortage generally.

Car pool

Some people got stranded without petrol.  Journeys had to be worked out carefully, people helped each other. I was lucky because my family were in the business. There was a lot of car sharing in the villages and rural areas.

You'll take the high road!

After the war we had a camper van, it did 30mpg. If we were going abroad we had to calculate how much petrol was needed. There was still rationing for the British soldiers in Germany. Cars were a luxury at that time, you could take cars on trains.  We used to go to Scotland. It was a long journey and you used to have to calculate all the milage and make sure you had enough coupons.

In the 60's people hitch-hiked because of the cost of transport.

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