Tom King's Reminiscences

Marriage and Families

By Tom King

First Marriage and Children

.....I had to do a bunk from my first wife, sadly. There was something wrong with her... she could be quite dangerous, scratching and everything. In the end, I divorced her, and she was locked up in the mental hospital in Hayward's Heath. She was a very attractive woman... dark, Spanish looking.

When I first did a bunk, she phoned me. At the time I was working for an optical firm, polishing lenses. They sent me to Scotland for eight weeks to help... I had solicitors taking up the case for me.

When I came back to Sussex, I started playing the piano in pubs and so on, to earn a bit of extra money to pay for the courts. I was on Legal Aid but still there were so many bills to pay. It took a year to get the divorce through.

Children and Grandchildren

I have children from that marriage. I did give the marriage a good go. But when the marriage broke up, so did the family. My son, Graham, took after his mother a little, and he had to go into care. One daughter Lorraine Rosita died of cervical cancer, but she married twice. She was a bit of a mystery... I saw her once or twice, but then she disappeared, met a postman and just vanished. Then there was another daughter, Lesley, born when I was away.

I have a grand daughter, and she had a baby at sixteen. The father left her and she now has another by someone else.

Second Marriage

Anyway...after a while I met an older lady; she was Irish, from Belfast, called Sarah Isabel Brown. And she was the right one for me. I couldn't have picked a better person. We were together, happily married, for thirty three years. But sadly, she was too old to have children.

I met my second wife when she was up a ladder in a shop! In Laystal St, near Mount Pleasant it was. She had big blue eyes, lots of wiry hair. She was strong and healthy. She was very clever with figures. She worked for Woolworths in Holloway Road, and somewhere else too.

I remember one woman got jealous of me being with Sarah and threatened her with a knife... we got over that one when I told her straight out how I felt about my lady.

We got married in 1962, and came down to Brighton to live with my mother for two years. In 1964 I started my last job, working in Burgess Hill. I was there for eighteen years.

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