Tom King

Earning Extra Money And Romance

By Tom King

I was playing the piano in the pubs and clubs to earn a bit extra.

I remember one occasion... I was playing the Warsaw Concerto... I used to play it from memory... it was always good for a good clap. And an American woman, a blonde, came in, and she was sitting at a table on her own, and smiling at me, enjoying the music. I finished, and got a good clap and a couple of free drinks.

Then this tall fellow came in to the pub, in a trilby hat, and he sat with this American woman.

When it was time to go home, I put the lid of the piano down and the woman came over

"I enjoyed your playing," she said.


"Where are you going now?" she said.


"Why don't you come with me?" she said.

Then the man in the trilby came up...

"You're not taking her home," he said and punched me straight in the face! I was flat out on the floor.

Well, the pub blokes held him down, the woman caught hold of my hand and we ran out. Down alleys and across gardens we went. We just couldn't work it out... he managed to follow us. We ducked down in a garden and kept quiet, and we heard him walk away. We came out of that alley, and would you believe it, he was there, and saw us!

In the end we chatted for a while, and she resolved the situation. He just had to accept that she was doing exactly what she wanted and he couldn't stop her, and in the end he went away.

We ended up in someone's garden, that American woman and I... somewhere near her home, I think it was. And we...I reckon we must have squashed a few flowers at any rate!

She asked me to go back to America with her. Wanted me to go over there to play the piano... but I said no.

I reckon I missed a chance there...

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