Portslade wartime memories

Vera Morrison's memories

By Nicola Benge

Photo:Vera and paticipants of Portslade WRVS clothing activities

Vera and paticipants of Portslade WRVS clothing activities

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Portslade bombing

On the very first day of the blitz, I lost one of my little cousins. Beryl, she was called. She was lovely, had hair like spun gold. Kathleen and I used to play with her a lot.

She was sitting on my Uncle Wal's knee on one side of a shelter, while her mother, Auntie Florrie was on the other side with the baby on her lap.  A bomb fell close by and my uncle and Beryl were killed. My auntie and the baby were OK.

Bomb damage

There was also an awful thing happened. Everyone was in shelters, and next door, the neighbour had asked her husband to go and baste the joint. She stuck her head out of the shelter to shout 'come on back in here, you've been out long enough' and a bomb dropped at the end of the street... there was a huge throbbing sound then a blast.

The woman's head was blown right off, and she fell back into her daughter,  Jean's arms. My father went over to help them. He never worked for months after that, it really affected him. Never really recovered, you know, not really.

I was away in Stroud with the cartoon company, and I had to come home to look after Dad for a while.

I remember poor Jean being taken away to an asylum, near to the old Bolyn football ground.

Terrible thing.

Portslade to London to Stroud

I have some memories of the war in London though. I was away in Stroud, but they told me all about it.

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