Don Fathers' dancing days

Memoirs of a reluctant dancer!

By Nicola Benge

Photo:Don Father's discharge papers

Don Father's discharge papers

Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive

Twisting the night away

And dances...When I was at Oldham, doing a radar course, theory and practice, and so on, we were free in the evenings. The other men were boozing, but I didn't drink. Only once a month, and then I used to get really drunk! I saw that there were some dancing lessons being given nearby and I signed up. Ballroom dancing. Only I didn't have any ballroom dancing shoes... I only had my army boots, so had to wear those. The girls were just going to have to watch their toes.

One evening, I was walking home after my lesson, and I was practising the waltz in the road. I was stopped by a policeman, who wanted to know what on earth I was doing...

An unexpected bath!

We used to go to dances in the Village Hall. The WVS hall in Canterbury. It was the blackout, and there were no lights at all. I remember going out to relieve myself, and when I came back, a door opened, and a bowl of soapy water ended up chucked all over me. "What have you been up to?" they said when I went back in, dripping.

Going out for a pee was dangerous!

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